Saturday, May 14, 2011

two books, wacko and a great album...

I am no stranger to tears. In fact, some might say I am a "crier." I cry at weddings, movies and even occasionally while listening to NPR's This American Life. (oh, Ira Glass...) HOWEVER, it is rare for me to cry while I am reading. It has only happened a handful of times-- Bridge to Terabithia (ten year old Kat is still crying), Written on the Body (why IS the measure of love loss??!), Tuesdays with Morrie (I was 18...don't judge me) and most recently (on the EL) while reading The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood.

GUYS- to say this book is beautiful is an understatement! Atwood's tale of a once wealthy Canadian family is poignant, sad and incredibly creative. The story is revealed to the reader in three ways- through the eyes an elderly protagonist, newspaper articles and a novel (The Blind Assasin) written by one of the family members. A NOVEL WITH IN A NOVEL, Y'ALL!!! I give it ten stars out of five. Seriously. That good.

I finished The Blind Assassin on Tuesday night- and picked up Room by Emma Donoghue on Wednesday morning. I finished it this morning...

I've been very busy as of late with rehearsals, kickball, performances, meet ups with old friends.. but every second of free time I could manage the last couple of days was spent reading this book. The story is told from the perspective of a five year Jack, who has been in Room (an eleven by eleven foot soundproof shed in some man's backyard) his whole life. He was born in Room, he plays in room, he has P.E. in Room. He shares room with Ma- who protects him from the scary Old Nick who comes to visit Ma almost every night. As the story unfolds- Ma decides it is time to get out of Room.

This book is super terrifying/ incredibly interesting. A great summer read!!!

AND SPEAKING OF SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Magic Hat's summer brew "Wacko" is back! This beer has beets in it, y'all. It's not too hoppy and not too sweet... but delightfully refreshing. Check it out! T's has it on tap-- $7.50 double pints. le sigh.

IN OTHER BIG NEWS-- I got an advanced copy of Jill Andrews' new album The Mirror. AND IT IS WONDERFUL! The album goes on sale June 7th and can be purchased here.

here she is performing the title track:

I'm off to go for a run... HAPPY WEEKEND!!

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