Thursday, January 17, 2013


My last post was well over a year ago.

I made a promise to be more diligent about updating this site, reading more books, drinking more beer, and talking about my two wheel adventures.

Obviously, I did not make good on that promise.

I got distracted.

I met my distraction on a blanket in Millennium Park on a sticky August afternoon in 2011. She laughed loudly, gestured wildly, and was sweating profusely. She was (is) so beautiful. I know I blame Missi for a lot of things, like the weight I've gained since we started dating (UGH!!!) or the crazy confidence I now have to pursue my dreams...

BUT ME FALLING OUT OF UPDATING THIS BLOG REALLY IS ALL HER FAULT. REALLY. REALLY! IT IS HER FAULT! (What is the point of having a super awesome girlfriend if you can't blame them for everything?)

 So... now that THAT is out of the way... Let us get to the important stuff. Anti-Hero IPA. Revolution Brewing in Chicago, IL. Just do it.

 My bike is in desperate need of a tune up. Winter riding in Chicago is AWESOME, but it is teaching my bike to make very strange noises. I'm thinking about taking it to The Bike Lane in Logan Square and purchasing myself a fixed gear whip for my birthday. Dreams, people. Dreams.

As far as books have gone in the past year (let me remind you I've been DISTRACTED) I read some weird stuff (Geek Love- I DON'T RECOMMEND IT), some crappy stuff (The Hunger Games- what?!) and some GREAT STUFF (The Handmaiden's Tale.)

Right now I'm working through a book of short stories by Emma Donoghue.   Astray is a book about about people making a journey.  Whether they be runaways, explorers, or immigrants, all of Donoghue's characters are vibrant and textured.  After the stories Donoghue includes a brief description of what inspired her.  Honestly, it is pretty fun.

So.  That is that.