Saturday, September 10, 2011

you can hang with me...

Oh hai, y'all!

My extravagant summer has finally ended: PRE-SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION!

To all my adoring fans (aka Katie Lary), I'm sorry I didn't update y'all on what I was reading, drinking, or where I was riding my bike. GUYS! I WAS TOO BUSY! I SPENT THIS SUMMER THINKING I WAS DON DRAPER! I'm sorry. It wont happen again!! (Lets be honest: it will probably happen again.)

Here is what you missed:
I read some books (most notably: On Beauty by Zadie Smith... more on that one at another time.)
I drank some summery beers (mostly: Bell's Oberon, Summer Shandy ((don't judge! It is just SO refreshing!)) and Sam Adams Summertime)
I went to Hawaii
I went to Tennessee
I ran a half-marathon (HOLY CRAP, right??!)
I bought a new bike
I rode my bike all over town
I went dancing
I saw some theatre
I cuddled with Weeble
I co-taught a two week Theatre class to a bunch of three and four year olds
I wrote some music
I saw some live music (OH EM GEE- Sia AND The Flaming Lips)
I went to the Art Institute
I became obsessed with Twitter (FOLLOW ME @ThisKatAttacks)
I developed a crazy penchant for dance music (mostly Robyn- SWOON)
I made some new friends
I went to the lake
I went on adventures with both new and old friends
I went on some dates (oooh la la!)
I discovered something called a PIMM'S CUP (So good y'all... just don't try to ride your bike after drinking six of them, even if they do taste like juice.)

SEE! Busy right?!??
Well, guys, I'm back. Expect an another update soon! You can look forward to me telling you how I felt about Zadie Smith's novel, my favorite fall-time brew, and how I kicked ass in Lazar Tag at my friend Andrew's Bachelor Party last night...

For now: watch this music video & then head down to Pilsen to check out the Chicago Fringe Festival!!!