Sunday, March 13, 2011


Holy BONKERS, y'all.

It has been a while since I last posted.

Here is a quick rundown of what has transpired:
I read some books. (finished Portia's book, the Harry Potter Series, Strength 2.0 and am currently on Even Cowgirls get the Blues)
I went to some parties.
I turned 26.
I drank some beer.
Survived a Blizzard.
I went to the gym a few times.
I met some new peeps.
I lost five pounds.
I drank some beer.
I bought a dining room table.
I got a new guitar. (thanks big brother)
I got a sewing machine (thanks aunt sara.)
I signed up for a half marathon.
I had to stop quilting for a tick. (hand cramps)
I found out that Tank Sushi delivers (OH MY GOD!!! BEST DISCOVERY EVER!)
I drank some beer.
I watched some movies.
I saw some old pals.
I drank some more beer.

Exciting, right?!?


In addition I've been thinking about getting back in the saddle about crossing some stuff of this New Year to do list/ ditch the ones that I no longer think I want to do/ should do.

Lets review. Here was my original list:
1. Read DOUBLE the number of books I read in 2010. (I read 23 books-- so in 2011 I will read 46!!)
2. Buy a dining room table (so that I have a place to put a sewing machine!)
3. Finish two quilts.
4. Run a half marathon.
6. Bike with Caitlin to Milwaukee for a weekend.
7. Start the process to getting my Montessori certification!!!!!!
8. Visit my big brother in the mountains and his lovely wife-to-be.
9. Go camping!!
10. Set a new PR in the Proud to Run 10K.
11. Lose 20lbs. (YIKES!!!)

Reflection/ Responce
1. Yeeeah- I don't think I'm going to read forty six books this year. Last year I read 23- this year I'll go for one more- 24.
2. DONE AND DONE. I BOUGHT A DINING ROOM TABLE! WOO HOO! that is crossed of the list.
3. Hand cramps have put a halt in production, however I still see myself cuddling up with two new Kat Paddock quilts by the new year...
4. I have signed up for the Chicago Rock and Roll half marathon!!
6. Sadly, for personal reasons FAR too personal for a blog, number six will not be happening.
7. This will not be happening either- I am in the midst of a very exciting quarter life crisis. WHAT WILL I DO WITH MY LIFE. I not know. However, I AM in the process of figuring out what the next step will be. This is both exciting and terrifying. Maybe my "to do list" for next year will include a new life "action plan."
8. I am hoping to visit Brian and Jess sometime in August...
9. Who wants to go camping with me??!?? totally still on.
10. STILL ON! I will make this year's Proud to Run my BIT*H
11. I've lost five lbs already--- 15 more to go! It is totally a struggle... especially with my love of beer, sandwiches and tacos. mmm tacos.

So there is that. Onward and upward. Looking forward to crossing some things off this refined list!!! :-)